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Fashion highlights from the washing machine

Colour-fast dyeing as easy as washing. Marabu FashionColor textile dye for use in the washing machine is suitable for all cotton, linen, viscose and mixed fabrics (max. 20 % man-made fibres) without finishes. Silk can also be dyed, by hand and following separate instructions.

Marabu FashionColor is very light-fast, high-yield and very easy to use. One package of Marabu FashionColor is enough to dye 500-1500 g of fabric with brilliant colours. You can choose anything from intensive colours to soft pastel hues. 1 kg of salt is also required for each dyeing cycle. Fabrics dyed with Marabu FashionColor can be washed in the washing machine and leave no residue in the machine.

The simple application makes it easy to quickly and safely dye your clothing in your favourite colours.